As A Service

Contineo provides multiple ways to connect, multiple APIs to choose from, and of course multiple issuers on network. Our technology provides you options and access, and also standards to allow rapid connectivity and the means to integrate services directly into your front, middle and back-office systems. We also work with other certified technology vendors to connect their products to our network.


Contineo’s network removes barriers, reduces costs and saves you time. These services can be extended to your execution desk, advisory desk and relationship managers.


REST API: Allows unprecedented control to develop your own experience.


FIX API: The industry standard for quote, order, and trade management.


Web Interface: A one-of-a-kind user experience to see new opportunities.


  • Indicative Product Pricing (morning grid)
  • Filtering
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) and Multi-RFQ
  • Order Request Management
  • Confirmation Management
  • Reports and Audit Trail Information
  • Indicative Term Sheet Delivery
  • Comprehensive data analytics packages


Our multiple issuers provide a comprehensive list of structured-equity products.


  • Equity-Linked Notes
  • Knock-Out Equity-Linked Notes
  • Accumulator
  • Decumulator
  • Fixed Coupon Notes
  • DRAN
  • OTC Options

Subscriber Benefits

As a subscriber you gain membership to our Advisory Organization that will drive innovation for everyone’s benefit.


  • Be the first to learn about new functionality.
  • More products and asset classes are planned.
  • Increased platform functionality.