06 October 2020 (Hong Kong): Contineo, the first industry supported platform for pricing discovery, order management and post-trade services of structured products, is thrilled to announce the release of its new platform.

Contineo’s next generation platform has been released to all its clients. CTO Franck Lerat explained how the company had prepared for this strategic technology change.

“Over the past two years we have built a high performing team of expert engineers all located in the same office and operating a lean organization of the kind that only fintechs can achieve,” he said. “We have worked in close partnership with our clients, using the state-of-the-art technologies and best practice development lifecycle on agile and devops model.”

The end result is a leading-edge platform with high availability and resiliency, combined with the agility to quickly deliver and deploy changes. The platform also offers full scalability to handle large volumes, combined with the ability to integrate the most complex products and workflows.

“The core platform is developed on a flexible architecture of micro services all containerized and managed in Kubernetes clusters,” Mr. Lerat said. “It is completely hosted in the cloud and doesn’t require any client side deployment. It offers our clients an open architecture, exposing all services available via standard API transports and formats. We are all extremely proud of this new platform which will provide Contineo years of competitive advantage by being written day one on the best technology design patterns.”

CEO Antoine de Charnacé highlighted that this major milestone for the company had happened while Contineo was celebrating its fifth year.

“Thanks to the great support of our clients and the upmost dedication of the team, Contineo has become a leading provider of technology solutions for wealth managers to address their most pressing challenges by building flexible and integrated workflows and mitigating risks,” he said.

Mr. de Charnacé explained how the recent work from home environment under Covid-19 had proven the benefits of a web-based platform that can be remotely accessed by a wide population of users. Product dealers, investment counselors and relationship managers can receive in seconds multiple batches of pricings from anywhere (Contineo facilitated 9 million prices year-to-date). Not only does Contineo help users to connect with 16 different issuers for pricing and execution of ten popular equity payoffs, but it also empowers them with an end-to-end solution, including market intelligence and post-trade services designed to achieve more for end clients.

“We foresee more than twice the volume placed via Contineo compared to last year despite the unprecedented business dislocation in 2020. This new platform will help to accelerate further our growth by reinforcing trusted partnerships with clients and unlocking new opportunities,” Mr. de Charnacé said. “With such a comprehensive and flexible offering, Contineo is ready to address client needs in various geographical locations and across different asset classes. The team has built a unique domain expertise, with deep in-house experience in technology and structured products.”